Do you really need thepersonal services of a legal professional to make a will?

If you're clear about your wishes while creating a will, you can certainly draft your own will online with some guidance and assistance, and that too, only if really needed.

If you wish to draft a will online, you can consider doing it yourself or you may take the help of a legal professional by visiting them,or use an online will service.

Now, there are several people who advocate taking the legal route when making alegal will draft. These people cite several reasons for this which include: the legal terminology needs to be carefully understood; the will should be legally in the clear with proper language; it should comply with succession laws, and so on, which lawyers will understand. Some people also state that if you’re wondering how to write a will without a lawyer, you’re not doing the right thing, since lawyers will always help in sorting out any future disputes that may arise with the will and its distribution of assets within family members and relatives, after your demise.

However nowadays, you should consider making a will yourself. A will is nothing but the written declaration or statement from any individual that is made in front of two witnesses. This contains his/her wishes with regards to the distribution and bequeathing of assets, properties and wealth to family members, friends, charity organizations, relatives and other individuals or organizations. In this context, you should always make a will yourself. You can get assistance from reliable online will drafting portals, which are backed by will lawyers.

There is a standard online will for Indians that you can get help with, along with the confidence to draft your own willunder Do-It-Yourself (D-I-Y) model, similar to developed countries with ample guidance. Simply draft your own will online and you will find that creating a will is really not that difficult a task, by any meanssince it is DIY, at your own time, no visits, no calls, fully confidential, at a fixedand nominal cost,and as per Indian laws. This will help you distribute your assets amongst family members and other individuals/organizations,according to your own desires.

You can do so yourself without the need to visit legal professionals with full confidentiality.ICICI Securities will be happy to help you with all the nitty-gritties of the legal will drafting process,and you can easily complete making a will yourself.

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