Advantages of drafting a Will

Drafting a Will is beneficial to you as well as your family in many ways:

1. Hassle-free Wealth Distribution

Creating a Will ensures that your wealth is distributed or transferred as per your wishes, and that too, without any hassle and family disputes

2. No Court Intervention

If you die intestate, your wealth is distributed or managed as per the succession laws applicable to their religion, governed by the court of India, with due legal process of 6 to 12 months and high court fees /expenses

3. No Inheritance Tax for NRIs

NRIs need to draft a separate Will as per Indian laws for their assets and property in India, which also helps them save huge inheritance taxes

4. Financial Strength to Dependants

Making a Will is extremely important if you have children, grandchildren or special kids who rely on you as minors, as it gives them financial strength after your demise

5. Smooth Business Succession

With planned Will preparation, a proprietor can ensure that his or her share in the business can be distributed or bequeathed, as per his wishes after his or her demise

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