About #iCaniWill

With the sole aim to spread awareness and educate people on how important it is to make your Will, ICICI Securities have taken this CSR initiative called #iCaniWill. It not only strives to reflect on the importance of drafting Wills but also to guide people on how to draft a Will online. Know More

What is a Will?

A perfectly drafted Will is the ultimate facet of financial planning in your life. A Will is a written document declaring one’s wishes to distribute their properties and assets after their death. Considered as a legal document all over the world, it gives you an assurance that your wealth Will be distributed or managed as per your wishes. It is treated as a wealth succession document by all courts of India, after the demise of the person. A Will is considered valid only when it is made in the presence of two witnesses. In addition, one can make multiple drafts of their Will during their lifetime, but only the recently updated draft shall be considered as the final Will.

Importance of writing a Will

One’s Will is a formal documentation of how they want their estate, including property and assets, to be transferred or distributed or managed after their demise. If one meets an untimely death without creating a Will, their wealth is distributed as per the succession laws associated with their religion, which might not be in alignment with their wishes. So, if you want to ensure your wealth goes into the right hands without any legal hassles or family disputes, and to create a safe, secure space for your children or grandchildren or other family members, making a Will yourself is what you need to do without further ado.

Benefits of Drafting a Will

Drafting a Will is beneficial to you and your family to ensure hassle-free wealth distribution and financial support to your dependants.
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