How to properly draft a legal will?

The days when only the rich and wealthy could write a will are long gone. Every individual above the age of 18, who has even a single property, must write a last will template, in order to distribute it as per their wishes.Read more..

Why ‘Now’ is the Time to Draft Your Own Will!

Rahul, 32, is an engineer at an industrial gear manufacturing unit in Thane. His family comprises wife Sneha, 30, and son Aditya, a 3rd standard student. The couple bought a flat on EMI basis, and while so doing, they made a down payment of INR 20 lacs. Read more..

Breaking 5 Myths About Will Drafting

Anita, an IT employee, lives with her family in a suburb of Bangalore in a two-bedroom apartment, bequeathed to her by her parents. Her brother Raj, who is single, owns a small farm, which he inherited from his parents, and lives there on the outskirts of the city. Their father was employed with a bank in Bangalore, while the mom was a homemaker. Read more...

What’s the difference between a nomination and an heir?

Writing a will is very essential if you consider the entire legal ramifications and its sheer importance, from a larger perspective. A will is basically the written declaration made by an individual about the distribution of his/ her assets, wealth and property to beneficiaries or legal heirs, as per his/her wishes.Read more...