ICICI Securities

At ICICIdirect, we strive to provide the best of investment solutions for each investor class. We offer products & services under Equity, Derivatives, Currency, Commodities, Mutual Funds and these are just to name a few.


We offer a wide variety of products under the Equity segment catering to the needs of both traders & investors. From normal delivery-based offerings to readymade research backed theme-based basket of stocks (One-Click Equity) to a systematic investment approach with the Systematic Equity Plan to more advanced options like auto-trailing stop loss feature with Price Improvement, you can pick the right product that suits your investment needs.

In addition to this, we offer leverage-based Intraday products under the Margin segment where you can buy stocks at smaller margins. We also offer Funding for delivery-based Margin trades, Margin Trading Facility, where you can buy stocks by paying a part of the total amount and get 365 days to pay the remaining balance.

One of our excellent offerings includes Instant Payout on Selling Shares, the remarkable 'eATM' which provides money in just 5 minutes of selling shares.

Looking for investing in IPOs - We host almost all Initial Public Offering issues on our platform along with our Research's view on the issue to help you make the decision. Other facilities like e-Voting, Buy Back, OFS etc. are also provided by us.

ICICIdirect Markets App is our new mobile application that comes with cutting edge technology and helps you invest on the go. It is fast, safe & secure with Biometric based Login, quick order placement journeys & absolutely clean UI-UX for best-in-class trading experience. The App is available for both Android and iOS users.

The Company's 48-member strong Retail Research team covers 369 companies across various sectors. A strong Mutual Fund, Technical and Derivatives desk delivers quality research to over ~8 million icicidirect customers. In addition to the quarterly earnings reports and regular event updates, the team publishes various sector reports, thematic reports, model portfolios, IPO recommendations, mutual fund advice, and technical and derivative picks.

The team regularly introduces new research based products, with some the latest ones being theme based One Click Equity baskets, Stock Tales, Golden Portfolio Midcaps, Quant Covered Portfolio, Weekly Expiry Options, and Automated Bank NIFTY Strategy. In FY22, the team had a ~70% strike rate.