ICICI Securities

At ICICIdirect, we strive to provide the best of investment solutions for each investor class. We offer products & services under Equity, Derivatives, Currency, Commodities, Mutual Funds and these are just to name a few.

Value-added services like Protection

Your Relationship Manager performs a analysis of your assets and will help you prepare a plan to protect you and your assets against unforeseen circumstances.

Security and Growth - two of your highest priorities will always be on the top of our minds!

  • Life*
  • Choice of whole life to family protection plans helps provide for the family in times of need during the term of the plan.

    Customised solutions to provide the most suitable protection solutions like

      • Married Women's Protection Act to secure the family against any liabilities
      • Liability protection solutions to repay all loans in case of death / disability

  • Business*
  • Flexibility through asset protection planning to protect assets against the defaults or frauds from creditors, employee, professional liabilities or other liabilities

    Protection of income and guard against liabilities

      • Credit Insurance: to protect from defaults from creditors
      • Fidelity Insurance: to protect from employee frauds
      • D&O / Professional Indemnity: to protect from legal liabilities resulting from errors or neglect in discharging duties
      • Conventional Business Insurance: Marine, Fire & Engineering, Keyman, etc.