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Insurance (Life, General and Business)

ICICI Securities is a corporate agent engaged in distribution of various types of Insurance products of partners to its customer online and through distribution network. Insurance, as a product, plays an important role when it comes to financial planning for a customer's. It provides financial assistance at the right time when needed most. Types of Insurance products offered:


Life insurance plan are designed to provide financial security for family members and meet long term goals. Life insurance plan along with protection, includes element of investment and savings.

Types of Life Insurance Plans:


A pure protection plan that provides life cover against the risk of death. Upon the demise of the life insured, during the term of the policy, defined benefit equivalent to risk cover set at inception of the policy, is given to the nominees. This comes as a financial support to the family member in time of need.


Traditional insurance plans are the most popular types of life insurance. Certain aspirations which often require substantial financial commitments and long term savings. In order to fulfill these dreams, traditional insurance plans, offer solution with systematically planned long term investment ensuring savings earn sufficient returns on maturity. Here the assured/nominee has the option to get amount along with an additional bonus. So, apart from life insurance protection, a traditional plan also offers living benefit to the policyholder where in Policy holder enjoys the maturity value during his lifetime.


Unit Linked Insurance Plans or ULIP as called are insurance plans where in along with insurance, individual's have option to invest portion of their market linked instruments indirectly through insurance company. These plans are best suited for market savvy customers and understand the risk related to market linked investments. ULIPs could be a better choice for people, who look for high risk high returns with limited period of lock in for their investment. These plans also allow switching of funds and can view fund value anytime. Thus with such control in hand, it comes as a choice of investment for many. Along with defined risk cover at inception of policy, which is payable incase of demise of life insured, this plan also offers maturity benefit which can be enjoyed by policy holder during his lifetime.


General Insurance comprises array of products across various sectors. We offer all relevant products to our customer segment like Motor, Home, Travel, SME, etc

MOTOR Insurance :

Motor insurance provides protection against damage to vehicle in case of accident. It covers all types of motor vehicles like Light motor vehicles (Personal car/ two wheeler) or heavy motor vehicles like truck etc. It safeguards your Vehicle against any calamity and ensures indemnity, no matter what happens to your vehicle.


Home insurance is typically a plan which gives cover to key investment of an individual done in life time. Home Insurance is basically of two types - Content and Structure. Cover under content covers loss or damage to declared content of the property against theft / fire/ burglary etc. Cover of the structure ensures cost is paid towards the damage to building structure due to reasons like earth quake, floods, fire, other natural calamity etc.


Travel insurance, is a plan offering cover towards event related to your travel like emergency hospitalization, loss of baggage, accident, loss of passport etc. during domestic or international travel.


Health insurance provides solution towards protection and healthcare in every aspect. It covers risk against unplanned expenditure caused by any medical emergencies. It includes insurance for losses from accident, medical expense, disability, or accidental death and dismemberment. We offer a variety of plans to help you stay financially prepared for any medical emergencies such as comprehensive covers, family plans, specific illness cover, plans for senior citizens, etc. We also offer specially designed group health plans exclusively to ICICI direct customers. You can ensure yourself and your loved ones and enjoy a peaceful and stress free life!

      Note: Premium paid for various Life & Health Insurance plan also help save tax under various prevailing tax laws.
Kindly refer to the latest tax laws for the same.