ICICI Securities

At ICICIdirect, we strive to provide the best of investment solutions for each investor class. We offer products & services under Equity, Derivatives, Currency, Commodities, Mutual Funds and these are just to name a few.

MF (Mutual Fund)

At $ 382 billion worth of MF Assets as end on August 2020, we are the Second largest non-bank distibutor of mutual fund having an average market share of 3.3% in terms of MF assets. Over the time ICICIdirect has emerged as one stop digital financial super market. We have partenerd with 37 AMCs toegether offering 10000+ shcemes across equity, debt and other asset classes) manging 19.93 lacs of mutual fund folios. We have made investing in New fund offers (NFO) and Exchange traded funds (ETFs) completely hassle free. Most of the AMCs consider us as major and sometimes exclusive partners for there new launches

At ICICI Securities we are putting YOU first. Some of our Key Online Features are designed to provide YOU a complete hassle free investment experience

Multiple Payment options and Banks - Now you can Invest from bank account of your own choice

Perpetual SIPs

Set up a perpetual SIP by choosing Period till cancellation and forget the hassle of tracking expiry dates

Auto-renewal of SIP: Option to auto-renew SIPs post completion of selected period

SIP Step Up: Automatically increase your SIP amount on periodic basis

SIP Pause: Allows to take a break from your investment to meet financial exigencies

SIP Modification: Flexibility to modify Trigger date, Frequency, Period & investment amount online with a few clicks

Target Investment Plan (TIP)

Algorithm based tool to achieve your investment corpus in the defined time frame

Our research backed products and recommendations enables YOU to take an informed investment decision and periodically review the same

    • Active Research Recommendations on all Equity Funds
    • Research Recommendation on Hybrid as well as Debt Funds
    • Monthly market outlook and category view
    • Exclusive Webinars, Podcast and conference calls with Fund Mangers and Industry Experts

*strong research team covering 307 companies across sectors which helps in-depth evaluation of mutual fund scheme portfolios

Tracking & Planning your Investments It is vital that we provide YOU statements that can help track & plan your investments

Key statements that you can access at a click

1) Consolidated Portfolio

Complete review of your investment based on your investment profile incorporating our Research views

2) Consolidated MF Statement

Provides a summary of your holdings and provides capital gains analysis

3) Active capital gain statement

Provides a summary of your holdings and provides capital gains analysis

With intent of providing a simple clutter free digital experience we have added following product and solutions

One-Click basket

Carefully curated baskets of Mutual Fund Schemes

SIP Protect*

Free term insurance while investing through SIP

ICICI prudential Freedom SIP*

A first-of its kind offering that gives flexibility to invest monthly surplus through SIP in-line with one's expectation of fixed monthly income in coming years

*first online distributor to offer both the products

ETF Intelligent Portfolios

Invest in a multi-asset basket of low cost ETFs based on client's risk profile

Automated Integrated Portfolio Evaluation Tool

One view for all your investments even though all the assets are not with us

Up coming New Initiative

MF Mobile app: Simpler app to benefit from one view, easy transactions and availability of recommendations and one click portfolios