ICICI Securities

At ICICIdirect, we strive to provide the best of investment solutions for each investor class. We offer products & services under Equity, Derivatives, Currency, Commodities, Mutual Funds and these are just to name a few.

Investor Meets

ICICI Securities has been valued for providing differentiated and high value corporate access for many years now. We have been providing bespoke corporate access to all our clients, domestic as well as FIIs from all geographies i.e. Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, US, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia amongst others. We connect these investors with the relevant corporate managements via calls, meetings, corporate roadshows in the respective geographies and client reverse roadshows. We also organise bespoke factory and plant visits for investors to get an in-depth understanding of the corporates wherever required.

The ICICI Securities Institutional Equities team has been hosting 'India Unlimited', our flagship Asia Conference, for more than 16 years now. In this conference, we have regularly hosted 35, 40 large and mid-cap corporates and experts from various fields to interact with all large and relevant investors in Singapore and Hong Kong. Every year, during May, we facilitate a financials conference in the US where we host 8 , 12 large financial corporates / experts over a week in the major investing hubs of US. i.e. New York, Boston, Chicago, Salt Lake and San Francisco. Since the past couple of years we have been engaging investors in Toronto as well by organising these corporates to visit the financial capital of Canada, during this event.

We also organise large and impactful conferences in India in the second half of each financial year. Our Financials Conference in November boasts of hosting all the large and meaningful Banks and NBFCs year after year and hence receives exceptional participation from investors, several of which are FIIs. Our Bengaluru Conference provides investors with a unique opportunity to engage with some of the best corporates in South India at a single event. This also provides investors an opportunity to visit their facilities. Our sectoral conferences like our Auto Conference and Industrials Conference are also very well appreciated by investors.

Besides these conferences, we regularly host corporate captains, industry association heads and domain experts to share their views with investors to enable them to make informed decisions regarding their portfolio holdings.


ICICI Securities is one of the market leaders in block and deal placements in the market. We have ramped up and demonstrated capability to build and place blocks of size INR 20-30 bn. Size competence is a very important factor which comes from client understanding and client diversity and a very strong relationship with the key people in Buy Side.

Electronic / DMA/ Algorithmic Execution Services

Electronic trading enables Institutional Investors to access exchange liquidity by keeping their name anonymous. ISEC Electronic Trading offerings are smartly adapted to the changing needs of the markets and clients on a time-to-time basis. We offer a bouquet of execution services to help traders better the performance versus benchmarks, reduce market impact and thus maximize efficiency on the desk.

Isec Electronic / DMA/ Algorithmic Execution Services Offerings

    • Electronic Products Offering - DMA, Algorithmic Executions & Trading Analytics
    • Customized Algorithm Trading Suite - No 'one size fits all' policy - an algorithm's design & purpose is dictated by client requirement & deep dive learning curve
    • Simplicity & Intelligence - Minimal input parameters, Anti gaming, Quantity Randomization
    • Intelligent Execution & Analysis - Performance analysis with crisp, insightful, customized TCA reports.
    • Discretionary Trading - High level secrecy maintained with clear Chinese walls with strict access controls
    • Robust Technology Stack - High availability & seamless connectivity with Buy Side firms across the globe across varied client OMS / EMS
    • Risk Management - Fully compliant with regulatory requirements, adaptive to client specific risk requirements