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Retail Equity

The retail equity business primarily consists of services like equities trading, equity derivatives, currency derivatives, ETFs and overseas securities.

The Company's business is anchored by its retail investors, to whom it offers products and services through the ICICI direct platform and various distribution channels. Icicidirect.com is integrated and secured platform allowing retail investors to invest seamlessly and is one of the largest online investments platform in the country.

The Company offers all investment and trading solution across asset classes through ICICI direct website and mobile application. Along with its "3-in-1 account" where trading and demat account is linked with ICICI bank savings account, the Company has also introduced an open architecture system that allows its customers to link any bank account to their trading and demat account. This seamless and interoperable feature of its electronic brokerage platform provides clients with greater flexibility in the use of their money.

ICICI direct uses a plug-and-play architecture that integrates the internal systems and the systems of third parties whose products it distributes. The underlying IT infrastructure is robust and scalable, designed with redundancy in mind with a three-tier disaster recovery process.

The Company's 42 people strong retail research team covers 307 companies across various sectors. A strong mutual fund, technical and derivatives desk delivers quality research to ICICIdirect.com customers. In addition to the quarterly earnings reports and regular event updates, the team publishes various sector reports, thematic reports, model portfolios, IPO recommendations, mutual fund advice and technical and derivative picks.

ICICI Securities has been at the forefront of innovation and has been the first to introduce many products and services. Some amongst them are:

    • Systematic Equity Plan
      Customers can start a SIP in stocks with Systematic Equity Plan using their ICICIdirect account. With SEP, customers can invest in equity for a specified amount or quantity at regular interval. It is a timely and hassle free investment option which help in building a portfolio gradually.
    • Bullet Brokerage Plan
      Is an innovative brokerage plan for intraday trades which are squared off within 5 minutes in our leveraged products like Margin Plus, Option Plus and Future Plus Stop Loss products wherein there is no brokerage charged on trades squared within 5 minutes.
    • I-Gain
      With the I-Gain brokerage plan, pay brokerage only if you make a profit when customers trades Bank Nifty and Nifty under Future Plus Stop Loss product which is our leverage products in derivatives and 'Pay only when you profit'.
    • Lifetime Prepaid Brokerage Plan
      Under this lifetime brokerage plan with validity of 15 years, one pays an upfront brokerage to avail lower brokerage rates for all your investments and trades
    • Valid Till Cancel Order
      With Valid Till Cancel, one can place orders in Equity which remain valid for 45 days instead of only 1 day. With VTC one can eliminate the need to log in and place a fresh order with your desired price for the same stock daily
    • Price Improvement Order
      With Price Improvement Order, one can buy or sell with an auto trailing order to get better prices in a trending market It allows you to place and order with an auto-trailing Stop Loss facility. Hence, the stop loss price for your order would automatically improve in your favor with the change in market price. This feature is available in Equity as well as the Derivatives orders
    • Multi Price Order
      With Multi Price Order, one can place an order with two prices instead of just 1. One can place an order with a desired price of execution and at a second best desired price at the same time. This results in higher chances of order execution at your desired price than a normal order, with no manual tracking involved!
    • Cloud Order
      A good market opportunity can be missed in the matter of a few seconds. With Cloud Orders one can place an order in a sec by pre-saving the orders and placing them. It can be easily saved in cloud even after market hours and move from stock selection to order placement in seconds! This feature is available in Equity as well as the Derivative section.
    • eATM
      In order to provide immediate liquidity for customers, ICICI Securities allows clients to receive upto Rs 50,000 per day within 30 minutes of their trade. It is applicable on almost 600 stocks on the BSE and comes at no additional cost.
    • Prime
      It's a slab-based subscription based offering instant payout of funds, reduced brokerage rates, and exclusive research. At the end of FY2020, the Company had more than 3.1 lakh customers who have opted for ICICIdirect Prime.

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