Corporate Social Responsibility


Skill development initiative: Training to care givers - Age Ventures India


The change in family structure from joint families to nuclear families in India has led to social isolation for many senior citizens due to a lack of family ties. This, combined with increasing lifespans, necessitates alternatives for senior citizens' care through trained caregivers' help. Developing a cadre of professionally-trained caregivers is currently at a nascent stage in India. ICICI Securities has associated with Age Ventures India, for imparting skill development training to the needy youth, as care givers.


Awareness generation activities were conducted to mobilise youth for taking up training, including door-to-door campaign and auto announcements.

Classroom-based training commenced for the first batch enrolled. The training uses a blended approach wherein expert lectures, self and group learning are rendered, in addition to key vocational skills. Youth are also offered training on soft abilities such as Interpersonal skills and Workplace communication.