Corporate Social Responsibility


Senior Citizens Welfare: Model Old Age Home

ICICI Securities is a strong advocate for the cause of the elderly - their welfare and dignity and overall wellness especially for senior citizens, living in old-age homes. The Company is committed to making a positive change in senior citizens - lives by providing more holistic wellness facilities that include aspects such as physical, mental, social and emotional wellness.

Hence, as a part of the CSR initiative, ICICI Securities, in association with HelpAge India, has taken up the project to set up Model Old Age Homes, with Active Ageing Concept across 3 cities:

    • Gurdaspur, Punjab
    • Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu
    • Shey Village, Leh, Ladakh


A sprawling unutilized outdoor area became the perfect platform to set up the Active Ageing Centre - a facility for physical activities - a walking track, elders - gym, facility for social wellness such benches to sit and talk with friends and a kitchen garden. The project commenced in January 2020. However, due to the unprecedented pandemic caused by COVID-19, this project got carry forwarded to FY 2021.

The project commenced by conducting location studies, developing layouts, designing plans, marking the areas, levelling ground surfaces, mounting the physiotherapy equipment for an Elders - Gym, fixing benches and setting up the kitchen garden.

The launch took place on October 1, 2020 - The International Day of Older Persons


HelpAge India set up the Tamaraikulam Elders Village to provide shelter for Tsunami-affected elders. ICICI Securities launched an Active Ageing Centre on January 25, 2021. Through this initiative, ICICI Securities has ensured that the elderly have facilities for holistic wellness care that include:

    • Physiotherapy Centre: Senior citizens can avail of a physiotherapist's services and perform basic exercises with the essential equipment installed at the Centre.
    • Mental Care Centre: Senior citizens can avail the services of a counsellor to relieve mental issues.
    • Games Centre: Senior citizens can play Board games here, one of the best solution for social bonding.
    • Skills training: Basic skills like making easy items such as disposable cups, etc., will be taught to senior citizens.

Shey Village, in Leh, Ladakh

Shey Village, in Leh, Ladakh was the worst affected by flash floods that had rendered a vast majority of people homeless. The Model old-age home in Leh, Ladakh is being set to:

    • To establish age-friendly community-living facility for the elderly;
    • To provide social, psychological and emotional support to the residents and give recreation opportunities to overcome social isolation.

The construction is currently in process. At the same time, procurement of essential items is also underway.