Corporate Social Responsibility


Contribution to IIT Kanpur for invasive ventilator R & D projects, pertaining to COVID -19 healthcare

The Company is dedicated in supporting initiatives taken by Government institutes like IIT in conducting various research projects providing life supporting devices to help treat people affected by COVID-19. In order to provide financial support to specific needs during times of a notified disaster and in order to support the cause of IITs in bridging the resource gap the Company provided financial support to IIT-Kanpur for, as a part of Company's CSR activities for FY2021 to develop a completely invasive and mechanical ventilator.

The project is now completed and an update on the project details are as under:

  • Product Highlights:

    • A high-end pressure and volume controlled invasive ventilator with additional feature of High Flow Nasal Oxygen has been developed.
    • Product has been branded as Noccarc V310.
    • Product related documents such as operating manual, installation manual, servicing manual etc. have also been prepared.
    • The proposal was to develop 30 prototypes but only 10 prototypes were developed - as the specifications laid out by the Central Government were very stringent but needed to be complied. Moreover, the critical components became more expensive than predicted.

  • Product validations- The prototypes developed were tested as below:

    • In-house testing- Endurance testing and validation of all monitored parameters was carried out for 60 days.
    • Pre-clinical testing of all specified features and endurance testing at Ruby Hall, Pune carried out for 40 days.
    • Clinical testing at Ruby Hall.
    • The ventilator has been tested for 1 hour on a healthy volunteer.
    • After successful testing on the healthy volunteer, the ventilator was tested on a critically ill Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) patient for 6 hours.
    • The prototype is tested and certified by an NABL accredited lab in Pune for IEC 60601-1.
  • Impact:

    • Pricing: 1/5th of the price of the imported ventilators.
    • Benefits dual lives: The unique feature of UVC chamber along with remote control saves the medical staff from contracting the disease while on duty.
    • Since the ventilator now incorporates High Flow Nasal Oxygen feature, the ventilator can be easily used for both semi-critical and highly critical patients covering almost 60 percent of the Covid-19 positive patients.
    • Job creation: The other direct impact of the project is in creating jobs, currently, around 30 skilled technicians have been hired and being trained on installing and trouble-shooting the equipment.