Corporate Social Responsibility

Creation of Job Opportunities


Getting a good job and being financially independent is a desire that everybody cherishes. ICICI Securities was cognizant of this fact and accordingly, this was a key focus area in our CSR initiatives.

As the first step in working towards this initiative, ICICI Securities partnered with N S Raghavan Centre of Entrepreneurial Learning ('NSRCEL') of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore ('IIMB'). NSRCEL is one of the oldest incubator cells in our country.

The rapid growth in the digital and technological innovations has ushered in a change in various sectors. Fintech is one important sector that has the potential to leverage the technological developments and thereby create newer areas of utilizing the products and services, creating better experiences for the consumers. This will eventually further increase economic growth by greater market participation, new and improved products and services,lowering costs, improving productivity and better experience; thereby it has the potential to usher more competition, innovation and job creation in our economy.